Spring 2022 Showcase

We’re pleased to announce our Spring 2022 Showcase:

Engage and Empower!

This was a theme Acoatzin came up with before he died, so we’re honoring his wishes and moving forward with it.  We want you to engage your mind and empower your creativity to interpret this theme.  Come up with whatever is meaningful to you around those words.

All students are welcome to apply.  When choosing performers. we will give some preference to those who haven’t performed in a showcase recently, but we welcome a mix of experience and skill levels.  Applications are due by Jan 10, and the slate of performers will be announced shortly thereafter.  Performer workshops will begin in February.

The current plan is to perform at Monarca in Flight. Obviously, the COVID situation means things are never written in stone.  If need be, we’ll look for an outdoor space, but as we’ve seen, that’s only as reliable as the weather.  So plan on performing at Monarca, and cross your fingers.

Sophia will choreograph a group routine.  Please indicate on the form if you are interested in being considered for it.

Dates, details, and application form are below.

Tentative schedule of rehearsals and performances.  All performers will be expected to be in attendance for all rehearsals:

Photo call: May 2, 6:00 pm
Dress rehearsals: May 9 & 16 7:00 pm
Final Dress rehearsal: May 20, 7:00 pm
Performance(s): May 21
2:00 and 7:30

Applications are closed.