CirqueUs is coming to Monarca!

Cirque Us, the New England-based circus group emphasizing teamwork, creativity, and individuality is bringing a series of workshops and performances to Monarca in Flight!  Join us Monday, April 15 for workshops, and Tuesday-Wednesday April 16-17 for performances of their new show, DreamCycle!

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About Cirque Us

Since its founding in 2016, Cirque Us has rapidly grown into one of the most notable
circus companies in the country. Its eight original company members quite literally stitched a
show together with recycled materials and old car tires, culminating in the first tour of One
Man’s Trash in 2016. Since then, Cirque Us has expanded to produce and tour original,
full-length works year after year, alongside educational experiences such as camps and
workshops for people of all ages and abilities. Based in New England, Cirque Us now draws
performers, directors, educators, technicians, and choreographers from all over the United States.
Our circus collective seeks to bring the most passionate, committed, and talented circus artists to
the hearts of local communities, creating circus magic through both a performative and
educational lens. Holding community as a core value, we are committed to knowing and
uplifting the cities we visit. Our mission is to spread circus magic and build confident
communities by pairing our high-quality, theatrical circus shows alongside unique, educational

With each year boasting a larger tour and higher quality production than the year before,
Cirque Us looks back proudly at its history of productions. Cirque Us has produced five full
length circus shows: One Man’s Trash, DreamCycle, Starstruck, RagTag, and Cirque Us Stories.
Cirque Us has completed eleven successful seasons, expanding from a regional to national scale.
In addition to touring productions, Cirque Us has performed at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
in Washington DC, curated ten cabaret shows for the greater Boston area, and provided high
quality circus entertainment to corporate fundraisers all the way from Boston to Las Vegas.
Additionally, Cirque Us has hosted hundreds of circus workshops since its inception and offers
camps in multiple states each year. In 2021 and 2023, Cirque Us received the award for “Best
Circus Show” at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. The calls Cirque Us “the perfect
blend of sophistication and fun,” and “non-stop action that keeps you guessing as to what is to
come next.” Audience members rave, sharing testimonies like “Fantastic Show! In the last week,
I’ve seen Cirque du Soleil, Circus Smirkus, and Cirque Us, and Cirque Us is the one I came back
to see a second time!”