Caretaker and Me

January 6, 2024


Circus is for every age!  Come bring your young child to explore and play with musicality, different apparatuses, and other children!  Both children and their caregivers should come ready to move, dance, and play. We will offer the workshop twice, first for children 6 months-3 years old, and second for children 3-5 years old. Everyone brings their own skills and abilities to circus, so the curriculum will be flexible and adapted to each child.


Rachel Jamieson (she/her) has been teaching children ages 0-5 since 2009.  She has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education, and currently teaches preschool, babysits, and facilitates parenting groups. She has been a sling student at Monarca for over three years, and is thrilled to offer this workshop as a way to merge her passion for play in early childhood with her love of circus!

She will be aided by studio owner Tricia Melka who will use her background in music and aerial education to make this a fun learning experience for all.