The future of Monarca in Flight

For the first five years of our existence, it seemed Monarca in Flight was Acoatzin Torres, and Acoatzin Torres was Monarca in Flight.  Yes, lots of others contributed to make us what we are, but at our core was one person and his vision.

And now we look to the future without him to guide, push, scold, encourage, or inspire us.

We’ve imagined many scenarios as to what comes next.  With his death coming just after our 5th Anniversary and just prior to the end of our initial lease, the thought of simply closing occurred to us a number of times.  But it just didn’t feel right.  We realized that through the years, Monarca in Flight had become bigger than just one person. Monarca in Flight is the strong community Acoatzin built, and we owe it to them to try.

So we’ve found another way.  Our landlord has agreed to be flexible with us and our own Gwynne Flanagan has stepped up to the role of lead instructor and head of the aerials program.  We’re thrilled to announce that Monarca in Flight will be around for a while!

We know there’ll be some adjustments and we hope you’ll bear with us as we feel our way forward.  But we’re excited about what comes next and how we get there.  Time will tell whether it works and how long we can keep it going.  But for now, we’re here, and we hope you will be too.